2014: HappyPack - Adaptive Music for iOS App

Here, I used a libpd-based audio engine to generate music that adapts to the user's heartrate, measured using a smartphone's flash and camera.

This is a sample of what the user might hear as generated by the app. The structure is not fixed, as the app changes the combination of the samples, producing a different track on each usage.

2013: Breathe - Adaptive Music for iOS App

In this work I used libpd to generate music that adapts to a user's respiratory rate, captured on a mobile device using the accelerometer.

This is a screen capture of someone using the app.

2013: LiZZE - Music for iPad Game

Working with Daniel Wiedemann to create a sinister atmosphere for his captivating game "LiZZE"

View LiZZE on App Store

2013: Assassin's Creed - Audio Rewrite Project

This was a short exercise in writing audio to video using Logic Pro. I stripped most of the audio off, but tried to keep some of the sound effects, as I didn't want this to be an exercise in sound design. However, I ended up needing to add a couple of effects of my own, as I found their absence jarring.

This was created in a very short time to test working with video in Logic, as I had previously used ProTools.

2002: Brushworks - MMus Submission

"Brushworks" was created in 2002 as part of my MMus in Electroacoustic Composition. We were privileged to have Clive Walley as a visiting lecturer, and were allowed to choose one of his animations from his series of 6 Divertimenti to experiment with our own soundtrack.

I had been keen to experiment with prepared piano, and the audio is composed from a recording of an improvisation of David Casal, and myself on soprano saxophone.

2001: Daylights - Sonimation Commission

This was one of the most definitive works in my academic career. Collaborating with animator Sarah Woodward, we won one of 6 commissions from Sound and Music (formerly Sonic Arts Network) to create a short film based around the idea of the collaboration between a sonic and visual artist.

The ambitious aim was to present the progress of a lifetime analogous to the passing of a day.

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